Detectors / remote control

The wind sensor, connected to TF21, TF24, and AC8, is a device that controls the automatic closure of windows when the wind speed exceeds the preset defined value. The RW is contained in weatherproof plastic, with rotating blade system to catch the wind speed. As the wind sensor, the rain sensor must be located outside, exposed to rain. The RPR low tension version (12V) may be connected to the TF21, TF24, TF41, TF44 control units; the RPR2 version (230V) may be connected to the AC8 . They automatically close windows when the comb sensor is wet; as they are heated, they dry off quickly and are insensitive to fog, ice, dew and damp.







Remote control available as radio at 433,92 MHz with rolling code , with silicon rubber buttons, blue backlit, battery-operated by two 3V CR2032 batteires. The transmitter is supplied with holder for wall fixing.



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