Rack actuator Aprifire

Aprifire is solution for automating, within industrial applications, outward opening and bottom-hung windows and domes, sheds and skylights. It is a linear operator for smoke and heat extraction. This is why it has been designed and produced to operate under the difficult conditions after a fire. Aprifire is fitted with ASR (Anti Reverse System), a closure prevention safety system. Aprifire can be adapted and adjusted to fit any frame thanks to the side guides in the rack tube profile. With just a few simple operations Aprifire can be converted into a side dovetail guide. Gear motor body: lower die-cast aluminium part painted with heat-set non-toxic harmless powder paint (RAL 7035 colour); upper nylon-loaded glass part, 4 mm thick, with gasket housing. Fitted with 2x0.5 mm2 power supply cable with silicon sheathing, connected internally on the operator.


Technical details 


Power supply voltage 


Thrust force 


Standard strokes 

350, 550, 750 mm 

Parallel connection 


Motion speed 

8 mm/sec (no load) - 6.5 mm/sec (under load) 

Current intensity 

0.9 ampere under load 

Current consumption 


Limit switch 


Protection degree




Applications: top hung windows, domes, skylights

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