Linear actuator Vasistas Due


Linear electric actuator for moving in-line or large bottom-hung windows with the aid of caliper arms. Vasistas Due constitutes one technologically advanced solution for automating two or more in line bottom-hung windows, to be combined with off-the-shelf calipers.
Linear operator made of anodised aluminium, equipped with encoder limit switch and microprocessor. Opening and closing indicator LED. Strokes can be selected from 0 to 70 mm (set at 55 mm) Thrust and drive force 800N. Coupling for caliper connection included in the pack. The 800N make the product particularly versatile and it an be used for both in-line bottom-hung windows having significant load capacities. Its small size and pleasing design make the actuator suitable for any architectural context.


Technical data 

 Vasistas Due 

Thrust and drive force 



 Set at 55m ( selectable between 0 and 70 mm)

Travel speed 

 3 mm/ sec





Limit switch 

rpm and current absorption checked with microprocessor and encoder

Can be connected in parallel 


Opening/closing indication 

 incorporated LEDs

Protecting rating 

 IP 20

Operating temperature

 -20C +70C

Power supply voltage 

 230 V


Applications: in line bottom hung windows, bottom-hung windows having significant load capacities



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