Linear actuator Aprifive

APRI FIVE, specifically designed for vertical sun blinds and Jalousie windows, can also be adapted for use with small and light domed and outward-opening windows. The careful choice of materials and specific design techniques mean that Aprifive operator combines two features which are often mutually exclusive: speed and low noise levels. Product dimensions are designed to be as compact as possible to ensure a subtle union with the rest of the building. The compact size makes this operator ideal for applications where installation space is limited. APRI FIVE is also very easy to install. The two continuous side guides mean that the securing bracket can be positioned anywhere along the motor body. This facilitates window closing positioning adjustment. Compact dimensions ensure easy furnishing coordination and make these units ideal when space is limited. Certificate: CE


Technical characteristics  


Single phase voltage: 

230 Volts ~ ± 5%


50 Hz

Nominal thrust and traction force: 



170, 300 mm 

Linear speed: 

46 mm/sec 


0,5 A 



Overload switch: 


Automatic limit switch:


Built-in relay: 


Parallel connection: 


Protection rating: 

 lP 44 


Applications: Top hung windows, domes, louvers, vertical sun blinds and jalousie windows.


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