Chain actuator Varia

Chain operator - the ideal solution for automating bottom-hung and outward-opening windows. The pleasant design makes it ideal for both residential and industrial applications. APRI COLOR VARIA has the following features: stroke is adjustable from 90 mm to 400 mm in accordance with the weight and height of the window to which it is applied; warning light for checking correct window closure. Apricolor Varia T The Aprimatic chain operator line has been extended. As well as the already high-quality APRI COLOR VARIA chain operator, we now have APRI COLOR VARIA T which is totally versatile. The new APRI COLOR VARIA T operator is designed for twin-mounting on single windows with a width greater than 1600 mm. Apricolor VARIA T can be specially connected to share overload protection between two operators connected in parallel. If one operator jams, the other stops automatically to avoid twisting the window. Thanks to the two points at which it is attached to the window, APRI COLOR VARIA T allows a correct division of the thrust which guarantees an even connection with the window. Eye extension on request for wood and PVC frames.



Technical characteristics 

Varia 230V


Power supply voltage 

230V ~ 50/60 Hz

24V DC

Thrust force 



Pull force 



Adjustable strokes:  

90 -400 mm

90 - 400 mm

Travel speed unloaded 

40 mm/sec.

40 mm/sec.




Operating temperature 

-5° C ÷ +55° C

-5° C ÷ +55° C

Protection rating 

IP 20

IP 20

Parallel connection





Colours : white, black , grey


Applications: bottom and top hung windows, domes, skylights.


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